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IHS Markit Report: KSTAR ranked NO.6 in global UPS Hardware market share 2018

China's tech giant Kstar ranked as the world's No.6 UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) vendor/manufacturer, continuing to narrow the gap with Schneider, Eaton, Vertiv, Huawei and Riello, the five veteran suppliers, data and information service company IHS Markit reported.


 From the report, Kstar ranked No.5 in 3P market, ranked No.4 in 1P (<1 kVA) market while in 100.1-250kVA market (3P) and 250.1-500kV market (3P) increased by 2% and 3.5% respectively year-on-year.

         Founded in 1993, the power electronics company that started with UPS products has developed into top three UPS manufacturers in China in only 10 years, changing the situation that China’s UPS market has long been occupied by multinational companies. In 2005, China's UPS market basically formed the competition pattern of the second camp of local brands represented by Kstar, Eaton, Schneider and Emerson as the first camp. Since then, Kstar ranks first in local brand shipments for a long time.



      In addition to surging domestic sales, Kstar has been active in exploring the overseas market. With more than $130 million in overseas revenue a year, kstar products are famous for their reliable, innovative and efficient. They work well even if under terrible environment. At present, the products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

       Kstar has achieved remarkable results in the emerging overseas market. According to the report, Kstar ranked NO.1 in 10.1k-100k market(3P)in Asia, and in the African 1p market, Kstar ranked NO.4 in both 1P and 3P market.

       Based on 26 years of technology accumulation and precipitation in the power electronics industry, Kstar Data Center product solutions (UPS, battery, precision air conditioners, cabinets, Integrated data center solution, etc.) have strong market competitiveness and better meet customer demands in the telecommunications, finance, transportation, government, transportation and other industries.

       With global service network, 17 overseas service centers, more than 40 overseas service engineers providing support, Kstar has steadily achieved a global business layout, making Chinese manufacturing shine in more places around the world!


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