Social Justice

The Social Justice Mission Statement of Calvary United Methodist Church:  Calvary United Methodist Church intentionally embraces and celebrates every child of God in an inclusive and diverse church community of LGBTQ persons, gender identities, races, disabilities, and economic resources.


Calvary United Methodist Church is located at 59 Sabattus Street in Lewiston, Maine.  If you turn from Main Street onto Sabattus, it is just about a block down on your right the middle of the “triangle,” surrounded by 3 streets.  Hit this link to find it on a map:


Welcome to Calvary United Methodist Church’s website!  As an active congregation, Calvary is blessed to serve the community of God in its midst.  Along with Bible studies, the praise team, a women’s and a men’s group, a social justice task force and many other activities, there is a free community breakfast every Sunday and a free … Continue reading Welcome!