Calvary City Mission

Calvary United Methodist Church follows Jesus’ commandment, amongst other things, to help one another by feeding, clothing and visiting those in need.  Calvary City Mission began over ten years ago by inspired church members wanting to provide after-school food for local children, City Mission’s current primary task serves individuals and families Sunday breakfasts and Wednesday dinners throughout the year.  For some of these guests the meals may be the only real food they have had that day.  Twice a week, Calvary City Mission volunteers prepare food for nearby neighbors and others who come looking for a wholesome meal and good company.

The food used for City Mission meals comes from several sources including the Good Shepherd Food Bank.  It is ordered and picked up by City Mission volunteers and prepared on site just before being served by additional volunteers who also clean up when the guests depart.

Guests are like family, many known by name as they know the volunteers by name. New guests most often learn of the meals by word of mouth.  Although there is never a charge for meals, there is a donation box which may contain some pennies, nickels, dimes or more dropped in by grateful visitors.

New City Mission volunteers come from church membership, from other area churches and synagogues, and those who have read about it in the newspaper or hear about the need from friends.  Volunteers go through a short orientation and training program. Servers are often generously rewarded by expressions of profound thanks from guests, both old and young.  Volunteerism at City Mission is growing, thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of folks who believe in the value of helping neighbors.

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