Since 2013, Calvary United Methodist Church has been a Reconciling congregation. After General Conference 2019, we reaffirm our commitment to full inclusion. Friends, especially LGBTQ+ siblings, no matter what happens we love you and will continue to love you. Our social justice statement is and will remain:

Calvary United Methodist Church intentionally embraces and celebrates every child of God in an inclusive and diverse church community of LGBTQ+ persons, gender identities, races, disabilities, and economic resources.

We are Calvary United Methodist Church—an active congregation, blessed to serve the community of God in our midst.

Calvary United Methodist Church is located in the heart of Lewiston, Maine at 59 Sabattus Street. The congregation is as diverse as the neighborhood that surrounds it, praising and worshiping God, spreading the Good News, and nurturing and supporting the body of Christ locally and globally.

Join us Sundays at 10:30am—all are welcome!

Questions? Get in touch with the Rev. Annie Baker-Streevy (“Pastor Annie”) by calling (207) 782-3221 or by sending an e-mail to

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