Bishop Devadhar has appointed Pastor Annie for another year at Calvary UMC…but in a new and creative way! We are becoming a “Harbor Church” where we will help share resources with smaller churches and empower laity to do ministry in a new way in MidMaine!

Our first contract for our Harbor Church/Cooperative Parish is with Bolsters Mills UMC in Harrison, ME. Pastor Annie will function as a coordinating pastor and spend her time as a Preaching, Teaching, and Administrative pastor for Calvary and Bolsters Mills. Bolsters Mills will contribute financially to Calvary for part of Pastor Annie’s time, and we will work on live-streaming worship services, having shared Bible Studies, and learning from each others’ mission programs.

As the way of “doing Church” changes, this is an amazing opportunity for us to share spiritual gifts, nurture and educate our congregations, and do ministry in a creative and effective way! Please understand that Pastor Annie will be at Bolsters Mills UMC more than usual during these first couple of months as she needs to build relationships with their congregation. We ask that you be in prayer for our congregations as we coordinate this new mode of ministry.