It all started with a kiss:

“Because Elder Webster kissed a young bride in Auburn almost fifty years ago (around 1853) the First Universalist Church of Lewiston came into existence.”  (from the Lewiston Sun Journal, December 18, 1903)

The First Universalist Church was the first religious entity to claim the “triangle” at the present day location of Calvary United Methodist Church, 59 Sabattus Street in Lewiston.  Elder Webster, then in Auburn, kissed a new bride after she and her husband had been married and that was soooo wrong that many in the congregation were up in arms, parting ways, taking Elder Webster with them as their pastoral leader.  Over the next years they met in various places, outgrowing them all, until finally building on the present church site in 1902.

In 1936 the Pine Street Congregational Church joined with the Universalist Church.  In 1964 this group joined with the Evangelical and Reformed Church and became the United Church of Christ. In the meantime, Calvary Methodist Church was outgrowing their building on Hammond Street and needed to relocate.  On September 28, 1970 the building was conditionally offered to the Calvary United Methodist Church with the provision that the building be maintained as a church for 10 years.  On September 28, 1980 it became the official property of the United Methodist Church.

Today Calvary United Methodist Church is rich in mission and compassion.  Worship is a generous mix of traditional and contemporary, focusing on how God’s love is at work in the world today.   Through music, prayer, and praise, nourishment is provided for the soul and  spiritual journeys.  An eclectic congregation, many dress in jeans and tees, whatever is most comfortable.  Childcare is available every Sunday during worship although the children are enjoyed in the sanctuary as well.  Whether you are a newborn or over 100 years old,  a spiritual seeker who’s just starting to ask questions about God, or a committed Christian who wants a place to grow and serve, there is a home to be found at Calvary.

Calvary United Methodist Church is one in Christ, celebrating diversity, acknowledging differing opinions, beliefs and Biblical interpretations, welcoming all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, age, ethnicity, physical or mental capability, education, economic status, or marital status, to full participation in its life and ministries.

Calvary’s mission:  Seek, Serve, Celebrate God.

Calvary invites everyone seeking to know more about God and Jesus Christ’s work in the world, to be part of this valuable, viable and visible church in downtown Lewiston.

Visit Calvary this Sunday to find a community where you really matter – because you do.

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