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Global strategic layout

While all businesses require stringent security measures, the Banking and Finance industry is particularly targeted by hackers. That's why data centers and critical infrastructure must be reliable, secure and available to successfully deliver internal IT services and digital banking services. Kstar Data Center Integrated Solution integrates IT infrastructure such as cabinet, monitoring, power distribution, cooling, wiring and management. 

Enable you to achieve maximum energy efficiency

KSTAR Data Center Integrated Solution is modular and scalable. The entire facility infrastructure is completely transparent, enabling you to make informed decisions based on identifying efficiencies and operational improvement tools. Maximum uptime. Highest energy efficiency. Full scalability. Utmost security and safety.In ordor to achieve these goals, We have therefore pooled our vast expertise and experience in data center services operations to support them across several disciplines. We do this with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions and global services for optimized sustainability. 

Flexibility to Scale as Your Business Grows

Replacing or expandind data center hardware or software usually comes at a high cost.  To reduce your bill, we are making the solution modual, which is a plug and play, rapid deployment system. Compared with the previous version, it simplifies the configuration, making it convenient for quickly completing the expansion, reducing configuration errors, improving efficiency, and can be widely used at various new, rebuilt, and expanded data centers.

 Every day, banks grapple with over 2 petabytes of data and are finding themselves constrained in many ways by their in-house data centers.  The stakes are high, and challenges are manifold for data center infrastructure managers.  So why not try KSTAR solution? We have served financial cilents in more than 120 countries. With almost 24 years experiences in the field of data center, we can provide you with the flexibility and scale to match your specific needs. We are sure that it will meet your need and grow with your sucess.