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June 10, 2018: Restore Our Hope (Psalm 130) Out of the depths the Psalmist cries out to God and God who is forgiving, steadfast, love, power, and redemption is there!

Video Clip: Anne of Green Gables (up until 3:00)


June 3, 2018: Renew Our Vision (2 Corinthians 4:5-12) Paul has a vision for Corinth, and for us today: new life! What treasures do we hold in our very being that are waiting to be renewed and made a reality?


May 27, 2018: Revive Our Faith (Isaiah 6:1-8, John 3:1-17) Whether we have been following Jesus for sometime, or are new believers, it is easy to lose our faith…perhaps it has become stale, or the doubts seem too numerous, or something horrible happened around us and we are just not sure…The passage from Isaiah gives us hope that God will show up in a big way and rekindle the flame of faith. The Gospel of John reminds us that God loves us and never abandons us even when we might lose faith.


May 20, 2018: Refresh Our Community (Acts 2:1-4, 43-47) Jesus had ascended into heaven and left the apostles to begin their ministry, but they were not alone. The Holy Spirit came upon them and refreshed their community, fueling them for the journey ahead. How can we be open to the Spirit’s presence in our community today? Where do we need refreshing? Who are we as a community?


May 13, 2018: Unafraid: Aging, Illness, Dying (Psalm 71:17-19; 92:12-14 and 1 Corinthians 15:1-11, 50-58) This week we asked three congregation members to share their thoughts on the fear of aging, illness, and dying, and how their faith helps them find courage and hope. Ben (35), Nancy (63), and Betty (91) share beautiful insights from their experiences; you don’t want to miss this! (We apologize for the sound quality not being the best, try using headphones, or speakers…the conversation was so good we still felt it should be shared)


May 6, 2018: Unafraid: Fear of Failure (Exodus 3:1-2, 7-12; 4:10-13) Fear of failure often prevents us from even trying. Expectations and definitions of success from society, our friends and family, and even ourselves pile on so much that we are afraid. Even Moses tried to get out of God’s call because he was afraid to fail. What if failure could actually lead to a different kind of success? What would happen if we were not afraid to fail?


April 29, 2018: Unafraid: Fear of Loneliness/Being Alone (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and Psalm 139:1-18We are a people created for relationship (Genesis 2:15, 18). We long for community and a place to belong, and yet sometimes (whether of our own actions, the actions of others, or the circumstances of where and how we live) we find ourselves isolated and alone…cut off from relationship…unsure how to restore the brokenness. We don’t have to be afraid! God promises to be with us always, and the church has the opportunity to step out and be a true place of community and belonging for those who are lonely.



April 15, 2018: Unafraid: Fear of the Other (Matthew 5:38-48) We tend to fear what we don’t know or what is different from us, including other people. Jesus calls us to live in a state of love rather than fear. The video below of Disney Pixar’s “Day and Night” is a great example of how we can overcome fear of the other.


April 8, 2018: Unafraid: Fear and Anxiety (Matthew 6:25-34) Our new worship series following Adam Hamilton’s book “Unafraid” kicks off this week talking about fear and anxiety. How do we listen to Jesus’ message of “Do not worry” when there are so many things to worry about? How can we move forward in the midst of fear and anxiety?


April 1, 2018: Who Do YOU Say that I AM?: Jesus the Resurrection (John 20:1-18) Christ is Risen! What does that mean for us as followers of Jesus? We wrap up our Lenten series with this Easter message!


March 25, 2018: Who Do YOU Say that I AM?: Jesus the Prophet (Matthew 21:1-11) As Jesus processes toward Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, people ask “Who is this?” In this Palm Sunday story, actions speak louder than words. Jesus shows the people who he is and what it means to follow him.


March 18, 2018: Who Do YOU Say that I AM?: Jesus the Door (John 10:1-10) Cindy Harthorne, guest preacher. The image of Jesus as the Door is an open invitation to the abundant grace and love of God. We apologize that there is no audio recording of this week’s sermon. 


March 11, 2018: Who Do YOU Say that I AM?: Jesus the True Vine (John 15:1-8) Jesus is the True Vine who, in relationship with us, calls us to our best, authentic selves.


February 18, 2018: Who Do YOU Say that I AM?: Jesus the Good Shepherd  (John 10:11-21) Jesus is the Good Shepherd who guides us, and includes all in his flock.



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